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HEALING AND GROWING WITH REIKI: EXPLORING REIKI I, II, AND III(REIKI MASTER), a Kindle ebook described in the section titled LEARN REIKI NOW, which you may order at http.//www.amazon.com/Healing-Growing-Reiki-Exploring-Master-ebook/dp/B0086DXSSO


The Healing Tree, a young adult fantasy/reality paperback novel set in northwest New Mexico. When three children meet at summer camp, they discover that in a past life they fled from an evil woman who tried to steal their blood and their powerful connection to nature so she could rule the world. To their horror, the children find the evil woman at camp, posing as Jasmine, the rich owner's girlfriend, and she still wants their blood. A time traveling cottonwood helps them flee to a Pueblo village that stood on the camp site 900 years ago. There, they meet a traveling medicine man, who helps them, but Sage Handler, the village medicine man, tries to turn villagers against them. Using the time traveling tree, Jasmine joins forces with Sage Handler. Mysterious Baba, the summer camp's caretaker, lends his aid as the kids and helpful star warriors try to thwart Jasmine's plans. Can the children believe in themselves, outwit their enemies and defeat Jasmine before she achieves her goal of ruling the world?
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Learn Reiki facts that can change your life!

A Reiki Master with over a decade of experience
reveals information and techniques that you won't find
anywhere else.

There's no more need to spend endless hours
searching through many resources in your quest to learn Reiki.

Everything you'll need to learn Reiki is in this 280-page ebook, a Kindle version.

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Have you often:
    * Wished you could
learn Reiki?

    * Been uncertain where to get accurate, easy-to-understand information that you can trust?

    * Studied books, magazines, CD programs and websites to learn Reiki only to think of more questions?

    * Yearned for more guidance about how to become a Reiki practitioner?

    * Felt called to develop your healing skills?

    * Longed to learn Reiki so that it can help you heal and grow in all parts of your life?

You'll Find Answers Here

If you answered yes to any of those questions, the ebook Healing and Growing with Reiki: Exploring Reiki I, II, and III (Reiki Master) will give you the answers you've been seeking. It is an ongoing process to learn Reiki. As you study and practice it, you will gain new understandings and a greater awareness that you are learning, healing and growing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. And you'll have the satisfaction of helping others to heal and grow as well.

You came into this world with a purpose, a perfect plan for your life. Reiki will help you discover and follow that plan. Exploring this sacred healing art can lead to a deep sense of joy, fulfillment and growth in every aspect of your life. When you learn Reiki, it will change your life.


I have had the privilege of being under Margaret's hands several times for Reiki and other energy modalities as well as all three Reiki attunements. I have great respect for her as a true healer. With her background, natural ability, intent and wealth of experience in the healing arts, who better to write a book on Reiki than Margaret? I see this effort as a perfect blend of her strongest gifts: thorough researcher, talented writer, and potent focus for transmitting high level healing energy.
    Lisa Hamilton, RN, Reiki Master, Cranio-Sacral Therapist

I Was Full of Questions

To help you get a sense of who I am and how I came to write this book, I'll tell you a little about my journey. I was full of questions about Reiki after my massage therapist suggested I go to a Reiki Master for a treatment to help with neck and shoulder issues. When the treatment ended, my neck and shoulders felt so relaxed! After several visits, the Reiki Master suggested I get a Reiki I attunement so I could learn Reiki and give it to myself.

I wasn't sure what an attunement was, but I loved the way Reiki made me feel. She recommended a Reiki book for me to read. I was eager to learn Reiki, so I read two Reiki books that answered some of my questions. Then I called her to schedule the attunement.

Something Opened and Expanded in Me

The ceremony took less than half an hour. When it ended, I began to cry. Something had opened and expanded in me.

"This is not new to you," the Reiki Master said, "You have been been a Reiki healer before. Your guides are happy you've chosen this pathway again."

I gave myself Reiki every day for a month and a half before I scheduled a Reiki II attunement, which gave me more healing tools. Six months later, I received the Reiki Master attunement and became more deeply aware that unseen and loving helpers were guiding every Reiki treatment that I gave.

My only frustration was that after each attunement the Reiki Master gave me only a few minutes of instruction. To learn Reiki and share it with others has become an ongoing exploration for me.

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Have Your Questions Gone Unanswered?

  In my search to learn Reiki, my questions kept growing. Perhaps yours have too.

    * When I put my hands above someone's body, what's really happening?

    * How does each position affect the person?

    * What does it mean when I feel pulsing in my hands as I give a Reiki treatment?

    * Why do some energy blockages not release right away?

    * What else can I do to help the blockages move?

    * What does each symbol do and how does each one work? I wanted detailed information.

    * How were the symbols developed?

    * Where did Reiki really come from?


My Reiki experience was educational and enlightening. The flowers, shrubs and tall trees surrounding Margaret's property were very relaxing before the Reiki session. I had heard of Reiki's healing power but had not had the opportunity to experience its powerful energy flow. After my session, I felt lighter within myself and very calm. My mind and body felt so relaxed and open, allowing a sense of newness to my surroundings.
    Deanna Fujita, Phoenix, AZ

I Searched for Answers

Using my background as a journalist and freelance writer, I collected information about this sacred healing art. I read many books and magazines on Reiki, listened to CD programs, spoke with other Reiki practitioners and studied Reiki web sites to learn Reiki. Though I found bits and pieces of answers from almost every source, none contained in one place the detailed information I sought. But I never stopped exploring.

I eventually earned a Ph.D. in metaphysics, which helped answer more of my questions. It is a constant adventure for me to learn Reiki and discover more about it. In fact, searching for answers makes life more interesting.

As my collection of information grew, I thought it might help others who want to learn Reiki. So I organized it into this 280-page ebook, which includes three parts, Exploring Reiki I, Exploring Reiki II, and Exploring Reiki III (Reiki Master).

Get the ebook at

Once you read this ebook, you'll have at your fingertips detailed information about Reiki that I've never seen in any one book before. I want you to benefit from the information I gathered from many sources. I have tried to make the information simple to understand and quick and easy to find so that it becomes a pleasant experience for you to learn Reiki.

Reiki Is an Ongoing Journey of Discovery

Every time I teach a Reiki workshop, pass an attunement, or share healing experiences with others, I continue to learn Reiki too. I'm constantly reminded that I'm part of a remarkable healing adventure as I explore this spiritually guided universal life energy. My hope is that as you learn Reiki and explore its healing energy, it will bring energy and joy to your journey.

As you learn Reiki, here is some of what this ebook will teach you.

Exploring Reiki I

The Exploring Reiki I section gives you indepth information about:

    * Reiki, its origins and history, including recent discoveries by Reiki experts who have researched its beginnings and how it spread and developed.

    * The aura and its layers.

    * Each of the chakras and how they affect the physical and spiritual aspects of your life.

    * Reiki hand positions for healing yourself and others.

    * Photographs of each hand position.

    * What parts of the body those positions address.

    * How to do a body scan so you can detect where energy blockages or sluggishness exist.

    * Major energy channels in your body.

    * How those energy channels expand after you receive a Reiki I attunement.

    * Why it's important to give yourself time to adjust to those changes.

    * A brief introduction to Ho'oponopono, another tool that works well with Reiki to enhance healing. It helps you learn to love and forgive those parts of yourself that are holding you back.


I feel very blessed to have experienced Margaret's Reiki work for several years now. I always find it deeply relaxing, releasing stress, tensions, aches, and pains. On one occasion, she helped me release a very high level of stress that had caused a migraine headache after a co-worker passed away unexpectedly at work the day before. After this treatment, I felt very grounded, centered, peaceful, and was completely pain-free. I am very grateful for her work.
    Wendy K. Buchanan, LMT, LISW

Exploring Reiki II

The Exploring Reiki II section delves deeper into this healing art. As you continue to learn Reiki, you will discover:

    * The difference between the Reiki I and Reiki II attunements.

    * Emotional detoxification and other symptoms you may experience after a Reiki II attunement.

    * What kinds of foods and other influences to stay away from a few days before you receive an attunement so your body can more easily adjust to it.

    * How some Western scholars and doctors are beginning to understand more about the reality of energy fields and how they affect our lives. Among them are Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, and Masaru Emoto.

    * The three Reiki II symbols, including a power symbol, an emotional symbol, and a distant symbol.

    * How to draw the symbols, what they mean, how they work, and what effect they have on the body.

    * How to use the distant symbol so you can send Reiki to people and places all over the world and beyond.

    * How to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a tapping method that helps people let go of tension and anxiety so they can more deeply relax into Reiki.

    * How to give yourself an aura bath, a tool for clearing yourself of negative energy that you could pick up from anyone, anywhere, at any time.

    * Other ways to protect yourself from unhealthy energy you may encounter.

    * How to determine a fair fee for a Reiki treatment if you decide to become a practitioner.


Going to Germany for a yearly visit to friends and family is the most stressful thing in my life. Every time I return, I am a mental wreck. The causes are family issues. Margaret can always calm me back down, doing Reiki, letting me vent and asking the right questions to get me back into a much more peaceful state. Thank you, Margaret.
    Billie Murphy, LMT, NP

When Margaret gives me a Reiki treatment, I feel so relaxed. I feel the tensions draining away. I feel the warmth of her hands envelop me, and I am at peace.
    Karen Lozier

Exploring Reiki III (Reiki Master)

In the Exploring Reiki III section, you will grasp what it means to be a Reiki Master. As you continue to learn Reiki, you will discover:

    * How to choose a Reiki Master who will pass attunements to you. In reality, Reiki energy is already part of you, but the attunement awakens you to that remembering, which occurs on a level deeper than your conscious mind.

    * How to know when you're ready for the Reiki Master attunement, how to prepare for it, and how to adjust to it afterwards.

    * Four more Reiki symbols. One is a stronger power symbol, and three others are used both in passing attunements and in healing work.

    * How to draw those symbols, what they mean, how they work, and what affect they have on your body, mind and spirit.

    * How Reiki raises your consciousness level.

    * How to measure changes in that consciousness level by using Dr. David Hawkins' Map of Consciousness Scale.

    * How to muscle test to ascertain consciousness level changes and to gather other helpful healing related information.

    * How to determine a fair price to charge for teaching workshops and passing attunements.

    * Tools to keep you energetically balanced.

    * Some Reiki success stories and innovative ways to use Reiki.

    *Detailed, step-by-step directions for how to give Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master attunements.

    * How to make certificates on your computer for each Reiki degree.


I am truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience profound healing and life transformations as a Reiki client and student of Margaret Cheasebro. Her innate giftedness as a healer, depth of knowledge and unique insights go beyond the conventional understandings of how Reiki can be a healing force in our lives and in the world. We are so blessed to receive all that she has to share.
    Stacy Webb, Reiki Master and Certified Polarity Therapist

Not a Substitute for Attending a Workshop

This ebook is not meant to be a substitute for attending a workshop and getting an attunement in person from a Reiki Master. What the ebook provides is a huge amount of information and hands-on techniques to help you learn Reiki. It also will help you make a well informed decision about how involved you wish to become with this amazing healing art. If you attend a Reiki workshop but want to learn Reiki in greater depth, this ebook will provide you with a great deal of easy-to-understand and digest information.

There is no substitute for working one-on-one with a Reiki Master and with other students in a workshop. That experience will provide you on-the-spot tutoring to improve your skills, add depth and breadth to your technique, increase your understanding about how to practice Reiki, and immerse you in a network of Reiki friends and colleagues. They will give you support, feedback and friendship as you continue to learn Reiki and delve deeper into it.

It's helpful to have a resource to go to when you need more answers as you learn about and practice Reiki. My hope is that Healing and Growing with Reiki will provide you with that resource.


Reiki Master Margaret Cheasebro, a friend for more than 40 years, gave me my first Reiki attunement. In her simple office dedicated to the art of healing, we looked out into a side yard where the October light filtered through the branches of an apple tree. She shared her knowledge of this ancient Japanese healing art, answered my questions, and reviewed the hand positions for self-healing. When I was ready, I took a seat in a chair and, with little talking, Margaret moved quietly around me, occasionally touching me lightly as she held her hands near my body. The Reiki energy flowed from God, through her, to me, reawakening an awareness that I have always been connected to this healing energy. Afterwards, we walked outside to commune with nature and later shared a light lunch. Now I use the hand positions Margaret taught me to enhance my own health and share with family. When the time is right, I will return to Margaret's peaceful home to receive the second Reiki attunement and continue to practice the ancient art of Reiki.
    Nancy Coleman, Phoenix, AZ

You'll Learn How to Teach Workshops

If you receive the Reiki Master attunement and decide to teach Reiki, this ebook gives you all the information you'll need to teach your own workshops and pass attunements. Then you will have the joy of helping others to learn Reiki.

If you don't want to become a Reiki practitioner or teacher, you will have learned a great deal more about Reiki and what to expect from a treatment after you read this book.

I Want You to Benefit from My Years of Experience for a Bargain Price

I spent a great deal of time and money buying books, magazines, and CD programs in my constant search to learn Reiki and gain a deeper understanding of it. I want you to have the knowledge I learned for a fraction of that cost. That's why I'm offering this 280-page ebook packed with information and illustrations for just $12.

Order the ebook at http://www.amazon.com/Healing-Growing-Reiki-Exploring-Master-ebook/dp/Boo86DXSSO

When you buy Healing and Growing with Reiki, you will benefit from my years of constant research to help you learn Reiki and bring you a deeper understanding, appreciation and up-to-date knowledge about this sacred healing art.

Risk Free Purchase

Purchase the ebook risk free. If you aren't satisfied, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee.
I'm convinced that Healing and Growing with Reiki contains so much helpful information that you'll want to keep it and refer to it often.

If you have any questions about the product prior to purchasing it, you may contact me at


Margaret was an excellent teacher for the Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki Master workshops. She was always extremely insightful and knowledgeable regarding the practice of Reiki. When she gave me a treatment, it was very calming, and I gained new insights. I highly recommend Margaret as a Reiki teacher and practitioner.
    Debra, RN, BSN, CHTP, Reiki Master

Get the ebook at http://www.amazon.com/Healing-Growing-Reiki-Exploring-Master-ebook/dp/B0086DXSSO

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